New Precedent Completion Notices

The Conveyancing Committee has revised its precedent completion notices to tie in with the recent changes to the contract for sale reflected in the 2019 edition. With the move to pre-contract investigation of title on 1 January 2019, and the introduction of the new Conditions of Sale (2019 edition), it has been necessary to amend [...]

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Financial Contributions Planning Permissions

The Conveyancing Committee has received a number of queries from solicitors asking whether it is appropriate to accept undertakings from developers’ solicitors in relation to compliance with financial conditions in planning permissions. There are two types of financial condition that may appear in a planning permission. 1. Development contributions are payable under section 48 and [...]

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Planning Searches

Conveyancing Committee20/11/2018 The Conveyancing Committee is publishing guidelines for planning searches. Practical difficulties There are no current guidelines setting out what a planning search should cover. There can also be confusion as to what a planning search should include. The extent of the search can vary based on the law searcher used and / or [...]

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PRA requirement for Folio Number in Stamping Certificate

Rejection of applications The attention of practitioners is drawn to PRA Legal Office Notice No 1 of 2018 “Query Management / Review and Rejection of Applications”. Paragraph 6 of the appendix to that Legal Office Notice provides that an application should be rejected if, among other things, no stamp certificate or other evidence of Revenue [...]

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Bankruptcy & Insolvency Searches

The Conveyancing Committee has been asked to provide guidance on what solicitors should do when an act turns up on an insolvency search. The whole area of insolvency resulting from the financial crash of 2008 has changed as a result of the Personal Insolvency Act 2012 and the reform of the law regarding bankruptcy. The [...]

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Practice Note re Water Charges

Please note that the purchasers’ solicitors need not enquire with vendors’ solicitors as to whether vendors of dwellings have discharged water charges, as water charges are not a charge on dwellings. Vendors’ solicitors should note that, notwithstanding the suspension of water charges provided to a dwelling for the period from 1 July 2016 to 31 [...]

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